Radix Dies & Moulds Pvt. Ltd

Appliences And Other

Air Cooler
Bottle Separator
Chair Back
Chair Stand
Chop Saw End Ring
Connector Flange
Double Decker Cooler
Egg Tray
Face Mask
Fan Part
Handle Cover
HHT-ECM Assembly Part
Juicer Jar
Light Guide
Meter Parts
Mixer Main Body
Pinion Mechanisum
Pistol AssemblyParts
Water Heater
Fridge Handle
Cutter Centrifugal Karishma
Control Panel
Freezer Door Back Plate
EVA Frame Display
Guide Fan
Small Drain Pipe
Hinge Cover
Handle-MG Easy Clean
Guider Cup-Lock-200L
DBL Decker Hor Louver Fan Top
Lock Hook-Gen Y
Freezer damper control
ICE Tray
Suspension Top Holder
Glide Tray reinforcement
Membren Bracket
Tray-Techframe, ACU, Batman
Try Techframe, ACU, green lantern
Double Cool Latch, Latch Leaver
Guide Bar For Wave Side, Guide Bar For Middle
Face Mask
DBL Secker 75ltr Tank
Double Decker Side Panel
DBL Decker Retainer Wod Wol Bak
DBL Decker Cont PNL Mech
Double Decker Lens
DBL Decker Hor Louver Top Fan
Double Decker Carry Bar Fan
Dbl Decker Swing ARM
Dbl Decker Cover Wheel Right, Left
New Wheel Dia100, New Wheel Holder
Dbl Decker Latch, Screw
Bracket, Back, Panel, fp p30_ sf2 DD
Control Box Cover
whirlpool New Athena NF
Top Housing Ul
Front Housing Control, Back Housing Control
Key PCB Holder
Middle Connector
Tank 35l
Tank Support
Water Inlet
Vertical Louver
Housing Capxs Rear
PM Sensor Module Top and Bottom Cover
PM Sensor Module 888 Segment
PM Sensor Module Clip
Capxs, Hood
BRKT,Mounting Gooseneck Capxs
Inner Inlet Pipe
Front Cover
Back Cover
Service Panel
Honeycomb Holder
Woodwool Retainer
Motor Mounting Bottom
Tank Bracket
Swing Motor, Cover Capacitor Cap, Water Distribution Tray
Circular Louver Back Ring
Service Panel SWH -PGV-6-B-Y
Lens Hook
R02 Water Inlet Frame, Shower Cap
Top Panel
Water Inlet lid
HL Fix Link, HL Moving Link
Front Cover
Fittipaldi ACU Housing
PUF Blocker
Knob Crisper
Dali - Lightguide -1W11641400
Comp Tray_Techframe, ACU-COLORADO, JANUS
Vertical Louvers
Motor Mounting Top
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"Thank you for considering Radix Dies & Moulds Pvt. Ltd. We look forward to connecting with you!"
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"Thank you for considering Radix Dies & Moulds Pvt. Ltd. We look forward to connecting with you!"
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