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HVAC Assembly Parts
Air Intake Assembly Parts
Scroll Case Parts
Air intake Assembly Parts
Air Filter Assembly Parts
Air Filter Assembly Parts
Side Valance Cover
Mirror Housing
Seat Back Cover
Chrome Strip
Cup Holder
Handle Grip
Bracket Cover
Inner Cover
Co- Driver Benzel
Head Lamp Housing
Choke Handle
Impeller Parts
Button Over Moulding
Amplifier Cover
AWC Charger assembly
Boss Mode Switch Parts
Head Lamp Part
Head Lamp Part
Head Lamp Part
Head Lamp Part
Fog Lamp Parts
Tail Lamp Part
Blinker Part
DRL Lamp Part
Tail Lamp part
CHMSL Lamp Part
Insert Lens
Bolero Housing
Hose Fitting
Pipe Plastic
Reflector-UTAI Head Lamp - Johndeer
Reflector F3 F_L Nano_Vista TML
Bracket F3 F_L Vista TML
Mould 1_ T3326-05 Onderste montageblok
Mould 5- T3327-01 Gereedschapblad1
Mould 8_ T3326-04 Schuifstuk aluminium buis
Bezel LH RH
Lens Red T_L - D105
Duct Control Box
Turn Reflector LH_RH
Insert Lens
Front Cover
F03 V Seal v6
Tb Housing
Avenger Blinker Housing
Avenger Blinker Lens
Demister Knob Cover
Demister Knob
Gen 3 Cover
Mechanism Pinion EOM DN2
Avenger HL Housing
Combination Lamp Amber Lens
Combination Lamp
Push Button Do
Motor Housing
Bottom panel for start up capacitor 60x118
PES Bracket
Ecl Housing Modified
Indigo Cover
Body CP
Grille Evacuation Side
Timer Board Mounting Bracket
Scoprpio Housing LH-RH
X451 Housing
X451 RR Housing
Draw Out Bezel Df7
Draw Out Bezel Df4
End Ring
Connection Flange
VECV Carrier Plate
SA Clamshell Pistol Without Rubber With Lock On
Door Brush
Handle Side - Cover Side
Sub Bazel LH & RH
T3 Front Fog Lamp Bracket
Bezel Switch Bank
W501 FFL Bracket
AB14 RX Outer Bezel
MCE Tigore Aiming Bracket TH - RH
MCE Tiago Aiming Bracket LH - RH
Housing AB31 Fenderlamp
Complete Lens RH AB31 Fenderlamp
Safety Clip
Inner Lens AB 31 Fenderlamp
J1D HL Big Bezel
Cancel CAM
Sag Field Coil End Ring
Knob Fog
Knob Inc Dec
B106 Hl Lens
RHS Side Bracket
Case Lower T1N
Cover Rear ( LH +RH)
Inlay front rear with insert Moulding
SK216 Bracket Sound Amplifier
SK216 Cover Sound Amplifier
Tiago Aiming Bracket
XFA 391 Box Breather
XfA 391 Cover Auxiliary Bottom
XFA 391 Cover Filter Air Bottom
XFA 391 Cover Top
Foot Cover
HD-MY21 Bodywork MISC CMPNT, LVR, Trigger
XFA 496 Top Cover
XFA422,425 (W501) Gasoline Resonator Mesh
KT28 Blinker Housing LH, RH
KT28 Blinker Lens LH, RH
UPP SRL Housing
SK 216 Rear Chrome Strip
Knob Holder
Back Cover
Belt Exit Bottom Plastic
M-310 HMSL Reflector
M-310 HMSL Housing
M-310 HMSL Outer Len
PY1 B Shield Holder
PY1B LHD Upper Tank
YFG Anti Skid Mat
YFG Garnish
X451 LH Side Caset, X451 RH Side Caset
X451 EnovaCase RH
PSA PBL CC22 Button
Tata Prima Housing Lens
Tata prima Housing
Ampere Tail Lamp Reflector
Ampere Tail Lamp Reflector
L1 L2 Driver Side Valance Front Split Cover
CC-24 Side Valance IB60P & 40P
TML Switch Bezel
MRS HL Reflector Bracket
E101 Mirror Housing RH
N109 HL TSL Lens
Platina Drl HR Reflector
Platina Drl Housing
MRS HL LDM Servicebility
MRS HL Driver Module LDM
MRS HL Horizontal Bracket LHRH
SK271 Cover Cable Duct NB
TPA Plastic
Cushion Side Plastic Cover
Floor Latch Cover
Side Valence Cover RH
Armrest Cover LH RH
Back Panel
Gas Spring Actuation Lever RH
P 113 HL Lens LH RH
P 113 HL Dummy Cap LH RH
M332401 Tata Sws Base Tool
MY21 HL Housing
MY21 HL Bezel
MY21 HL Inner Lens LH RH
IN2001524-25_A_Vent Screw
Driver Power Ventilation Side Valance RH XZ
Ventilation Caption Deiver Bezel LH RH
KT26 Box Breather & Cover Side
KT-22 Air Filter
KT26 Cover RH
71845_VT050_Cap RR Seat Cover RH
TKML 72137 VT010 RH & 72138 VT010 LH Cover Seat Track Bracket Outer RR
Seat Cushion Inner
71876 VT330 LH & 71875 VT280 RH Cover Recling Adjuster Inside
71139 VT250 FR HV Leg Cover TSM5514G 2
L1 L2 Driver Recliner Handle L1 L2 Co-Driver Recliner Handle
L1 Driver Sidecover OB
L1 L2 CO-Driver Sidecover
L1 L2 CO-Driver SideCover
L2 Driver HA Handle
Inlet Duct
W153 Headlamp PES Beauty Ring
Ornament OB Beauty Board LH Rh
Emblem IB Beauty Board W153 HL RH LH
Track End Cap IB OB
Gator Box Complete Lens LH ,RH
Gator Box Housing LH RH
PSA CC24 Rear Seat Armrest Cup Holder
Armrest Detent
Fender Lamp VAVE Reflector
K201 Air Filter Bottom Cover
Regulation Base
Regulation Cover
Button Insert
Haptic Guide
My 22-dr Power Ventilation Switch Mounting Cover Lh
Tiger Claw Reflector
Boss Mode Switch Housing
Boss Mode Switch Bezel
Boss Mode Switch Back Cover
KT-26 FPL Milky Lens, Clear Lens LH RH
KT-26 FPL Milky Lens LH RH
KT-26FPL Housing LH RH
Tata Escl Gear Cover
M & M Plastic Cap
Motor_Connector_(Tvs E Lock)
CC24-CC22 Case RH
CC24-CC22 Air Intake Lower
CC24-CC22 Air Intake Lower
CC24-CC22 Rear Duct Lower
Kite 5 Bso Tail Lamp Lens
X4 Belt Exit Cover
Front Bracket Cover   
Front Bracket Cover-ultra Wide Ha-driver
Cushion Side Cover RDH 
IB Front Mounting Cover-RHDULTRA Wide Co-Driver
Q5 Sunshade Rr Dr Dummy Cap
At Middle Console Mounting Bracket
At Monostable Shifter Adapter Bracket
Top Cover
ANTI Skid Mat
One Touch Bottom Plastic
Tumble Spring Plastic_Bush
W 502 FCL Reflector
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"Thank you for considering Radix Dies & Moulds Pvt. Ltd. We look forward to connecting with you!"
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"Thank you for considering Radix Dies & Moulds Pvt. Ltd. We look forward to connecting with you!"
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